Southern Living Magazine Deal

Life has been a little crazy lately! My daughter broke both her arms…yes both and she finally got the 2nd cast off today and was given an arm brace. My husband has been traveling on business more often leaving me home to keep everything together while I have had extra work of helping my teenage child get dressed and hair combed that normally is my most responsible and efficient one of the bunch. I’ve attended way to many freezing cold High School Lacrosse Games for oldest daughter while praying she didn’t get hurt, spring high school basketball training/practice was added to the schedule and spring break travel plans were changed several times. We are finally home from a fun but, quick trip to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break and I am trying to settle into our busy life again not knowing which way I am suppose to be going. Needless to say I’ve been focusing on my family more than this blog but, I found a deal today on Amazon you will love!

southern living

Southern Living Magazine for only $10 a year and you can get a free digital Kindle copy of the issues as well! Super deal since I believe I tried to buy a copy at the store the other day and it was close to $5 an issue! Ouch! The Amazon price has been sitting at $20 a year so $10 is a killer deal. I love Southern Living magazine for not only the pretty decor pictures but, they also give you great ideas of areas and small towns to visit all over the south. It is a magazine I really enjoy reading and hopefully you do to!

I am off to relax and go veg-out reading my new magazine on my Kindle!

Fish Foam Review & Giveaway

We started off our Spring Break Spring Cleaning! I was sent a can of Fish Foam window cleaner to try and it more than met my expectations!  It worked fabulous and made that blue stuff look really bad. I have been using a homemade window cleaner out of vinegar but, the kids hate the smell and the Fish Foam worked better than it as well.  My mirrors have never been more sparkling clean. I was amazed how it cut through the dirt on our back door glass and I didn’t have to rub or scrub the door.  I could spray the foam on surfaces and then let the kids come by and wipe it. I didn’t have to go back over there work or even out the streaky mess they usually make. Even my teen daughter said “wow, that mirror looks so clean!”  It is awesome and earns Real Southern Living Housekeeping seal of approval!

Fish Foam Review and Giveaway at

I have been finding myself testing it on the windows, mirrors, glass candle holders and any kind of glass I’ve come across all day! I really do love how clean it gets it without streaking or much elbow grease!

* It is a professional grade cleaner

* Ammonia-free

* Doesn’t leave streaks

* Eliminates drips and rundowns

* Use it on windows, mirrors, windshields, sunroofs

You can buy it and is made by Fish Window Cleaning.

Fish Foam Review and Giveaway

Give away is now closed! I have a 3 pack of Fish Foam to giveaway to someone who lives in the contiguous 48 United States with a street address.

Ways to enter:

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And leave a comment of which of the following you did above to finalize your entries. Giveaway ends Tuesday April 9th at midnight EST.

Dressing Your Truth – True Friend Sale

One of the biggest changes in my life has been Dressing Your Truth.


If you have just started following me you can read about My Beauty Mantra, DYT Journey and my Teenage Daughters DYT Journey. I started my journey 3 years ago and had no idea the impact it would make on not just my life but, my families lives as well.


It’s an online program that teaches you how to highlight your natural beauty so you look amazing and feel great. It saves me money and time. And I just feel so good about myself because of it.


It is more than just a dressing program though…it is a life changing opportunity to help you learn not only about your divine nature but, helps you to understand the true natures of those around you.


My relationship with my husband and children has improved as I have learned my true nature as well as each of theirs. It is a program to give yourself a makeover from the inside out and have a greater appreciation for your unique gifts you offer this world!


The good news… I just heard that as a Club Member, I can share a discount so my friends get the whole Dressing Your Truth program for only $99! It’s normally $297, and the discount is by friend-invite only. Totally worth it because I paid the $297 over 3 years ago and it has been worth every penny. In fact I have probably saved at least that much money on clothes and accessories that would have sat in my closet unused.


So here’s my invite link for you. The friend sale ends soon, so don’t wait:


You’re beautiful and deserve to feel your very best self!

Here is me before and after I gave myself my Dressing Your Truth Makeover 3 years ago. I am a Dressing Your Truth Type 2.

Kids Easter Egg Decorating Kit

I am going to be “real” and admit as much as I plan in my mind this fun time of decorating Easter Eggs with kids (and the eggs and decorating party will look like they came out of the Martha Stewart Magazine) it just doesn’t happen with my family. Somehow it ends with me cleaning up a big mess, eggs that have been mixed with so many colors that they are brown and gray in color and contention amongst the troops…is it just me or do our plans to have these happy pretty traditions back fire on other Moms?  I have good intentions to want to create fun memories of decorating Easter Eggs and creating easy Easter Crafts with my kids and yet sometimes I realize I just have unrealistic expectations…. but, not this year! This year I was invited to put together a post for Mom It Forward so, I started a new tradition of not using the traditional decorating dye kits and came up with our own Kids Easter Egg Decorating Kit.

Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs from

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DIY Printable Bunting & Pony Birthday

My twins had their 9th Birthday and they decided to celebrate it at the barn with their baby pony who is turning 2 this month! I decided I wanted to make a Birthday Pennant Banner customized with all their names. I saw this adorable free printable paper bunting template on Pinterest from Shanty to Chic. She has all the letters available for download for free plus some other shapes and symbols. I just put cardstock in my printer in and printed out the letters I needed. I didn’t back mine like she does and decided to do different colors for all the names. I used my paper cutter to trim out the pennants and put 2 holes with a hole punch in the top to string them up with. It doesn’t get much easier for a free paper bunting!

Happy Birthday Paper Pennant Banner at

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