Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath

I made the Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath using what I had on hand. I had picked up the grapevine heart shape wreath at the thrift store and it needed to be jazzed up a bit. I have had burlap laying around that I’ve always wanted to make ruffles and decorate something.  Little did I know that burlap does NOT ruffle easily.

Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath

I cut my burlap into 6 strips and then began my adventure with learning how to ruffle burlap.  I tried the method with the sewing machine like I used for my ruffle Christmas Tree skirt but, it wasn’t working.  I tried to sew and then pull the threads and the thread broke.  Finally I searched online for another method and decided to fold the burlap as I sewed.

How To Ruffle Burlap

In order to hold the camera I had to let go of one side but, imagine my right hand doing the same thing on the other side.  I folded and pinched it until it got under the presser foot and the let go so as not to catch my hand in the sewing machine.  It worked well and went quickly…no strips were exactly a like with ruffles but, I liked the randomness of it.  Just in case you were wondering this was the settings on my sewing machine.

How To Ruffle Burlap

Once I had my strips I got out the hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath.  I glued the outside strips, then the inside and then the top. I just trimmed, tucked and glued the ends of each strip to finish it off.  I took some scissors and evened it up a bit as one side was a little wider and I also trimmed the long threads.

Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath Step 1 Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath Step 2 Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath Step 3 Ruffle Burlap Heart Wreath Step 4

I used some hot pink tulle I had to hang it on the door.  Once I figured out how to ruffle burlap it was smooth sailing and didn’t take but, an hour for the whole wreath.

Ruffle Heart Burlap Wreath

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  1. Gorgeous heart wreath!

    T’onna @ Submarine Sunday

  2. Following back from Mom’s Monday Mingle. :)
  3. I really love your burlap wreath! It makes me want to get my sewing machine out and give it a whirl!
  4. So pretty!!
  5. It looks so pretty – I’ve been thinking of doing a ruffled heart wreath this year. Thanks for the how-to. I’m clearly going to have to get my butt into gear and get some crafting done. Love.
  6. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your wreath in my Valentine’s Day round up today. It’s beautiful!


  7. Beautiful wreath!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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