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Life has been a little crazy lately! My daughter broke both her arms…yes both and she finally got the 2nd cast off today and was given an arm brace. My husband has been traveling on business more often leaving me home to keep everything together while I have had extra work of helping my teenage child get dressed and hair combed that normally is my most responsible and efficient one of the bunch. I’ve attended way to many freezing cold High School Lacrosse Games for oldest daughter while praying she didn’t get hurt, spring high school basketball training/practice was added to the schedule and spring break travel plans were changed several times. We are finally home from a fun but, quick trip to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break and I am trying to settle into our busy life again not knowing which way I am suppose to be going. Needless to say I’ve been focusing on my family more than this blog but, I found a deal today on Amazon you will love!

southern living

Southern Living Magazine for only $10 a year and you can get a free digital Kindle copy of the issues as well! Super deal since I believe I tried to buy a copy at the store the other day and it was close to $5 an issue! Ouch! The Amazon price has been sitting at $20 a year so $10 is a killer deal. I love Southern Living magazine for not only the pretty decor pictures but, they also give you great ideas of areas and small towns to visit all over the south. It is a magazine I really enjoy reading and hopefully you do to!

I am off to relax and go veg-out reading my new magazine on my Kindle!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of months. I’m glad things are smoothing out . Thanks for this deal! Definitely scooping it up!
  2. Great deal! Glad things are starting to ease up for you.
  3. Bless your heart! What a plate of crazy busy you have had. So glad your daughter is on the mend and that your life is returning to a more normal groove! Thanks for the Southern Living Offer. Have a great week.

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